Maixner David

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Group exhibitions
2012 - Muzeum moderního umění, Olomouc, Czech Republic
2011 - Goethe Institut, Riga, Latvia
2011 - Kuldiga District Museum, Kuldiga, Latvia
2011 - Galerie Opera, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2010 - Divadlo Reduta, Brno, Czech Republic
2010 - Lednicko-Valtický Park, Lednice, Czech Republic
2010 - Open Gallery, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
2009 - Centrum Fotoškoda, Praha, Czech Republic

2012 - Civilizované iluze, Czech Republic
2011 - ISSP 2011, Latvia
2011 - Shots, United Kingdom
2011 - Současná krajina, Czech Republic
2011 - Opavská škola fotografie, Czech Republic

2011 - Shots 2011 - runner up, United Kingdom


|| Wag the Dog (2009-2012)

The first dog show was held in 1859 in Newcastle, England. At that time, only few hunters met, judging just two hunting breeds and main prizes were hunting rifles. Today compete over two million dogs in more than 1100 paid competitions worldwide. The beauty of dogs is measured by many different unbiased attributes that state if dog is beautiful. The subculture around dog competitions seems to me at least strange. At the Brno Exhibition Hall was in exhibition in 2012 enrolled around 9000 dogs. It is huge international event. Educating champion is expensive, but champion can earn a lot of money too. Not only dogs are coming here to show self but also people are. Whether they are breeders who sometimes dress in strange outfits move their dignified and powerful bodies into an unexpected run alongside a lean, sometimes even tiny dog, or judges who receive all the attention, but also their almost limitless power over the future of not only dogs, but also their owners, treat their assessment as a spectacular show for the public. The air is full of competition, checking rivals, hair and characteristic odor. The winning dog is described as beautiful, which provides him with a good pedigree, which in turn ensures its breeders better market position and better name for owners.


|| Water Towers (2011)

Water Towers is series of artificially lit objects in landscape, photographs of high seats, which are visually unified, reference to concept of Bechers, whose distinctive typology of objects is important part of history of photography. I struggled to express this subject using actual visual trends, which are used very often these days. Photographs are different from those of Bechers in many ways, they are in color, lit by artificial light, different format, captured on different medium but still they remind us of the famous works by comparative taxonomy of small utility objects. I was interested not only in observing those differences and similarities, but also in originality of Bechers’ idea in comparison to routine of digital camera and artificial light.


|| Relations (2009-2010)

Series is called Relations and it’s a collection of portraits in wild nature contrasting with the object of computer screen. Screen is used as symbol for modern, dehumanized and over-engineered times and virtual friendships, which are very popular in social networks nowadays and which are replacing personal contacts between people. Feeling of inappropriateness is accentuated by expressions of people, their absence, indifference, similar expressions can be seen on people working with computers for long hours. Computers are more and more important part of our lives and maybe one day they will become the only part. Conflicts between man, nature and technology. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future, but the weather looks like before storm.

|| Street (2007-2009)

|| Fairy Tales (2008)

|| Old (2008)