Janicki Rafal

Born in Jarosław, Poland. 
In 2008 graduated MA degree in Archeology. 

Since 2009 moved to Prague, Czech republic. 
From 2012 Student at the Institute of Creative Photography of Silesian University in Opava. 

More photos: 

|| Georgian Drivers

Georgian roads are one of the most dangerous in comparison to the countries of Western Europe or the former Soviet Union. Statistically, in average, every year per 100,000 inhabitants there is 16 fatal traffic accidents. In this sad ranking Georgia is only behind countries as Armenia (18), Russia (18), Kyrgyzstan (19) and Kazakhstan (22).
The entire blame could be dropped on the poor infrastructure of 20,247 km of Georgian roads and their vehicle condition. Over 73% of used vehicles are at least 16 years old. Practically each car, new or old has traces of a collision or repair, and every other vehicle is decorated with a smashed front windshield.

However, the greatest danger on the road is caused by drivers themselves. Their Caucasian temperament and unwillingness to comply the law, causes more than 75% of the road accidents. The main causes represent excessive speed (36%), illegal overtaking and road signs ignorance. Pedestrians also do not have an easy life. In 2007, over 37% of fatal car accident involved pedestrians. Drivers standardly do not stop at the pedestrian crossings in fact.

|| Swirlandia

Swirlandia is a place where I come from. That place official name is Jaroslaw. It is a small town in the eastern part of Poland. Two large factories, one old cinema, famous psychiatric hospital and historical square illuminating emptiness after 18 o’clock. Since I can remember, it has always been said, it is a crazy land. During my teenage years I start seeing it as a place at the end of the world, place I’ve always wanted to escape from.

Through Photography I try to look at my city from perspective of an immigrant. I am meeting old friends, who after graduation returned back home, and also residents who have never left the city for a longer time. During the city and landscape observations, I recall my memories of this crazy land. Now I wonder, how would my life look like and what would I feel, if I once decide to return back home.

Project created with the support of Polska.doc (Society of Creative Initiatives "ê") and European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

|| Silent night

Christmas are ment to be the most happy time of the year. Time when family gets together. People have the opportunity to get back to their homes. They visit places where they were born, where theirs parents and grandparents live.

For me Christmas are full of sadness. In three days we want to cach up everything, enjoy home, familly and friends, meanwhile pretending we never went away. Feeling of enormous nostalgy is ubiquitous.

In few days again, we travel hundreds or thousands kilometres back, to our new homes, with a thought how the next Christmas are going to look like.

|| After season

After Season is a series of images that were created during my trip in Sardinia, Italy. They are result of my feelings and impressions over the landscape - landscape left behind by tourists at the end of the busy summer season. I became interested in the objects and structures that have been abandoned by the people for the following year. Without people, these spaces lose their meaning and function. They become redundant in the surrounding space. At the same time they start to live their own surreal life.